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Whether you’re an experienced investor who wants to expand your property portfolio – or new to the game and want to build a successful investment property portfolio – Property Invest is for you.

Discover the secrets of successful Property Investing and skyrocket your wealth!

Have you ever wondered why some property investors build substantial and profitable portfolios – while most others struggle to get past one or two properties?

There are many reasons why – but it’s never down to pure luck!

Professional property investors understand that to become a successful property investor you need a combination of good property in high growth areas; great rental returns; the correct finance structure; intelligent property tax strategies and a team of advisers that know all the ins-and-outs of property investing who can help you put the pieces together.

Property Invest provides a flexible investment service to Property Investors.

The Property Invest team can help you:

  • Develop the most tax effective property investment strategy
  • Identify and buy properties in Australia’s blue chip and up-and-coming hotspots
  • Make informed decisions, based on in-depth research.
  • Use your existing property to buy, hold and finance new property investments.
  • Negotiate exclusive discounts through collective buying.
  • Protect property investments using trusts, companies and self-managed super funds.
  • Turn negatively-geared properties into cash flow positive powerhouses.
  • Convert your portfolio into a tax-free passive income stream to boost your lifestyle or cash flow for additional property investments.
  • Structure your portfolio to guarantee repayment even if interest rates rise or your income declines.

If you’d like to reap the rewards of a lucrative property investment portfolio without dedicating years of your life to learning the tricks of the trade, Property Invest can help you.

Property Invest provides property investors with end-to-end support.

With Property Invest, you’ll gain advanced structuring, research, expert recommendations regarding safe and sought-after property for peak appreciation and resale, plus start-to-finish purchase or sales transaction management.

Put simply, we can do all the running around for you!

Property Invest consultants are supported by a team of exceptional tax accountants, finance brokers, property managers and self-managed super experts who work together with you or your existing advisors and help you develop the smartest, most tax effective property investment strategies tailored to your personal situation.

Property Invest will help you:

  • Save valuable time and effort.
  • Avoid the stress of making bad decisions.
  • Build a property investment portfolio safely – by having your risks covered.
  • Reduce your holding costs by applying advanced tax and cash flow strategies.
  • Have the confidence to act quickly and know when the time is right for you to buy additional properties – or which ones to sell.

Align with the property investment leaders – Property Invest!

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