Use property investing to boost your super without adding risk!

Did you know that super rules have changed? You can now borrow money to buy investment properties in your super fund, making it unquestionably the most tax-friendly and growth-oriented wealth building vehicle for investors.

Stripping away all of the financial and legal jargon, this complementary e-book helps you make sense of new rules, explaining the simple process for putting your self-managed super funds to work. Get ready to take advantage of this outstanding opportunity!

In your free e-book, you’ll see how property acquisition using your super fund

  • Turbo-charge super fund capital growth by tens of thousands of dollars every year!
  • Completely eliminate your super fund’s income and contribution taxes!
  • Significantly reduce the cost of buying real estate property!
  • Receive a 100% capital gains tax exemption when selling your property, which could save you
    hundreds of thousands of dollars!

You’ll also find out …

  • How to combine super balances of up to four family members to increase your super and purchase property in a family superfund
  • What you can and can’t do in a self managed super fund
  • The right trust structures that let your super fund borrow and buy property
  • How it all works – complete instructions with a detailed case study

Plus so much more!

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