The Property Invest Advantage

Expert Advice, the Key to Successful Property Investing

If you want to become a successful property investor, buying a property is not enough. You need a combination of the following:

  • Easily rentable, high growth properties
  • A property strategy
  • Expert tax advice and structures
  • Advice on the best finance structures
  • Cash flow strategies
  • Asset protection strategies

Unfortunately far too many property investors enter the property market without proper consideration of all the above areas and strategies. And as a result, don’t quite achieve the results they’re after through property investing.

To realize your financial potential you have to have all your bases covered.

That’s why we developed an unmatched one-stop investment property solution for property investors.

Property Invest makes property investing simple

Our solution provides a unique approach to property investing, providing you with a property consultant who is supported by a team of specialists such as tax accountants, financial advisers, mortgage brokers, trust and self managed super specialists.

Working together they can crunch the numbers, explore your possibilities and come up with the smartest property and wealth creation strategies tailored to your personal situation.

Property Invest can help you:

  • Develop a tax effective property investment strategy tailored around your lifestyle goals and financial situation
  • Build a very profitable and successful investment property portfolio
  • Find well priced, easily rentable investment properties with high growth potential in Australia’s blue chip and up-and-coming hotspots
  • Set up the most efficient finance structure with the banks
  • Order your depreciation schedule from ATO approved quantity surveyors to maximize your tax deductions
  • Find the best tenants to rent and look after your property
  • Ensure you can continue to repay your investment loans and ongoing property costs, even if you lose your job
  • Implement advanced cash flow strategies that will buy additional properties and build a successful property portfolio
  • Protect your property assets from creditors or lawsuits by buying your properties in trusts
  • Buy properties in your self managed super fund
  • Take care of all aspects of your property transaction from start to finish

Property Invest takes the guesswork out of property investing

Property Invest gives you the tools you need to make smart property decisions, build wealth and achieve far greater financial outcomes than you ever thought possible.

So whether you’re a first time property investor, professional investor, have a family trust or self managed super fund, Property Invest can help you manage every aspect of your property transaction.

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