Strata Explained recipes

What Does Strata Management Do?

Strata management is incredibly important and becomes very significant to those who own strata-titled properties. While many different types of properties are strata titled, the arrangement seems to particularly apply to those who own investment properties in Sydney and other cities in Australia. A good understanding of the role of strata management is useful and with this comes an understanding of the types of issues that are addressed by the strata manager.

What is strata management?

A specialised area of property management, strata management is sometimes referred to as ‘body corporate management’. Essentially, strata management relates to the everyday operation and management of a property that has multiple owners and is made up of a number of units, shared areas and common facilities. In order for such developments to be successfully managed, a strata title system that offers a framework for ownership and policies for management of properties with multiple owners and users is essential.

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