How to Protect Your Assets and Expand Your Property Portfolio

Building a healthy and extensive property portfolio is an ambition and life’s work for many people. Typically, people appreciate the long term financial security afforded by property and recognise that the accumulation of investment properties can create a stable financial situation.

However, many investors are justifiably concerned that property investment can jeopardise their asset base which includes their complete property portfolio. Consequently, they want to know effective strategies for maintaining the safety of their assets.

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Four Issues for Homebuyers to Avoid

When a person sets out to buy an investment property , it can be a daunting and worrisome time. Although you may appreciate some of the benefits that come from owning an investment property, it can seem a huge financial commitment for a property in which you may never reside.

In order to enjoy successful property investment , there are a number of issues to avoid. With knowledge and understanding of these, you are best placed to avoid hardship, make a good decision and reap rewards from your property.

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Six Advantages of Property Investment

Property investment is a perennially popular way for Australians to invest and improve their financial situation. The appeal of property as a form of investment is largely because it offers a level of safety and security which is not available in other types of investment.

In the past decade, property has been a comparatively secure form of investment. The Global Financial Crisis (GFC) hit other investment classes, such as the share market, incredibly hard with property being less negatively affected.

Although investors should not believe that property is an infallible and risk-free form of investment, there are a number of advantages that result from investing in property.
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Four of the Best Investments

When you work hard for your money, it is natural that you want your money to work for you. People in a position to invest funds are faced with many different options for investment – should you purchase an investment property or put your money into shares? Perhaps you should contribute more money to your superannuation or invest in term deposits.

With so many options available and promotional materials that seem to emphasise the benefits of each, it can be difficult for an investor to decide where there money is best placed.

So, what are some of the options for investment and what are their benefits and disadvantages?
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How to Choose the Right Investment Property

An investment property should not be selected in the same way that a property in which you may live would be chosen. When it comes to property investment, your decision should be less emotional and more practical – you need to be focused on what will appeal to tenants and characteristics that will help to ensure capital growth.

The right investment property is tenant friendly:

Thinking carefully about prospective tenants, particularly the type of tenant that you want to attract, is imperative when choosing an investment property. A tenant friendly property will assist you to get as much rental return as possible on your property.
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Gauging True Values — A Property Investor’s Guide

When it comes to property investment, it’s crucial to have the means of accessing information that is as accurate and up-to-date as possible in order to have a true gauge of your property’s value. Lucky for us, Australians have access to some of the best and highest quality property information in the world. Our government collects data on every home sale that takes place, and this information is improved upon by a myriad of property information and analytics providers.
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Six Reasons to Invest in Property

Property investment is renowned as a safe and lucrative way to invest and make a profit. While the share market is prone to highs and lows and other forms of investment can carry a high level of risk, property is chosen by many astute investors who desire long term gains from their funds.

#1:  A secure investment…

Of course real estate values do rise and fall, but trends generally show that most property prices steadily grow. Consequently, residential property offers one of the most secure investment possibilities.

The security of investment property is reflected by banks who will (for some people) loan a substantial amount of the value of a property because they know that in the long term, property values do not fall.
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Seven Things to Know About Residential Property Investment

Investment in residential property continues to be popular and recognised as financially lucrative. With a high level of demand for residential accommodation, the unpredictability of the share market and, as a result of the global financial crisis, a lack of trust in banks and financial institutions, property seems a safer and more appealing investment option than many others.

There is much to know about property investment, including the best options for long-term capital growth and the characteristics that represent the best investment. Here we look at seven of these features:

#1:  The relationship between demand and supply determines the capital growth that is enjoyed by a property and its owner. Subsequently, the highest capital growth will occur for properties that are in low supply but have the highest levels of demand. For example, waterfront properties are limited in number but are highly sought after. It follows that properties with absolute water frontage achieve better growth in value than many other types of properties.
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Is Timing Everything? When to make your move in property investment.

A lot of people will tell you that timing is everything when it comes to purchasing an investment property. This may be true if you’re looking to ‘flip’ a property and make money in the short-term, but when it comes to long term investment it’s a different kettle of fish. The property market is cyclical. While there are certainly times when the property market surges and times when it stagnates (although it doesn’t see the same extreme fluctuations as the far-more-volatile share market), eventually these fluctuations are bound to even out.
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Safe as Houses — Why Property is a Good Choice for Your Investment Dollars

When Australians use the phrase “as safe as houses”, they’re generally referring to something which is secure and certain. The phrase itself finds its roots in the notion that houses are a shelter from the elements, but over time the phrase has come to have a very different meaning — and that meaning is all to do with property investment. After all, when it comes to safe investments, residential property is at the top of the list. Property is a low-risk investment with high long-term returns. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why property is a good choice for your investment dollars:
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