4 Things You Need to Know When Buying Sydney Investment Properties

For many people, ownership of an investment property is an indicator of financial security and particularly for the future, astute investors commonly put their money into property. Investment property Sydney is particularly popular for property investment and quality properties are highly sought after and for good reason – considerable financial gains and benefits are to be made if property investors are well prepared, do their property research and seek credible advice.

As you set about purchasing an investment property, there are a number of things to know and be clear about.

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3 Steps to Get Onto Property Investment Ladder

It is the Great Australian Dream to own your own house, but an ever-increasing part of this dream is to have a portfolio of investment properties in Australia. As more of us inspire to enter the world of property investment in Sydney, it is vital that we have undertaken research and analysis in order to make the most wise and lucrative decisions possible.

Property investment in Australia can indeed be lucrative, but you must have a strategy and have defined financial goals. In many parts of this country, a shortage of quality rental properties is being seen and prices continue to rise in most markets. This means that, when informed by the best available evidence and when you select the right property and keep abreast of your financial situation, your property investment can see you enjoying financial rewards.

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4 of the Most Common Property Investment Mistakes

Property investment in Sydney has long been recognised, and has enjoyed popularity, as a safe and secure investment option. However, property investment is only safe, secure and lucrative if the investor does their research and fully understands their financial commitments and obligations as a landlord.

Here we take a look at four of the most common property investment mistakes, together with advice on how they can be avoided.

1) Emotional Decisions

When you are in the market to buy a Sydney investment property, you need to understand that this purchase is markedly different to the purchase of your own home. When looking to buy your own home, you may be less logical and more emotionally driven, but the reverse needs to be true when buying an investment property.

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6 Ways to Secure Your Future Through Property Investment

With the stock market experiencing such turbulence, it is understandable that, now more than ever, investors are seeking safe and secure investment opportunities for their money.

Sydney property investment has long been recognised as the most secure and one of the most lucrative investment options. Property offers the advantages of being tangible, likely to accrue in value and comparatively low in risk. However, it is always important for property investment advice to be sought regarding an individuals unique financial situation and evaluation of the options available to them.

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Nine Points To Know About Using Equity to Buy an Investment Property

Few of us will ever make a larger investment and financial commitment than buying our own home. Property is not only a big investment but also a big asset and so it follows that many people choose to use the equity in their home to purchase an investment property or properties.

1:  The term ‘equity’ is not always well understood, but in simple terms equity refers to the difference between the value of your property and what you owe. For example, if your home is worth $500,000 and you owe $260,000, you have $240,000 worth of equity.

2:  It is often possible to use the equity that you have to undertake renovations, purchase shares or managed funds, refinance your mortgage or add to your property investment portfolio.

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8 Top Tips for Investing in Property

Property investment is acknowledged by so many experts (as well as those of us that are not quite experts) as being one of the most safe, secure and lucrative forms of investment. In the long term, investment properties provide owners with solid returns and the opportunity to use equity from their property or properties to increase their asset base.

However, the purchase of an investment property should not be done a whim; it is important that investors carefully consider and evaluate their options in order to make the most from their money.

What should you consider when investing in property?

1:  Research is essential

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5 Tips for Understanding the Property Market

Although it is recognised as something important and worthwhile, to many people the property market can seem an absolute mystery. With highs and lows of the global and national economy, understanding how the crashes and fluctuations affect the property market can be challenging, but a better understanding of the property market does not have to be difficult to obtain.

No one wants to make an error of judgement in entering the property market at the wrong time or by purchasing the wrong investment property. Similarly, those pursuing property investment need to ensure that they are not over-committing financially while still buying a property that will enjoy solid capital growth.

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How Safe is Property Investment in Troubled Economic Times?

Recent economic activity, including the fall and partial recovery of the stock market, understandably has people concerned about the safety of their investments and overall projections for the Australian economy. No longer do people feel entirely confident and optimistic about their investments and long term financial security.

However, people also need to consider that current circumstances will not remain the same for the longer term. The stock market inevitably experiences peaks and troughs and while it can be disconcerting to see returns on your money fall, it is often the case that things return to a healthier position reasonably quickly.

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How to Get the Best Value from a Rental Property

Every person that invests in property naturally wants to gain maximum benefit and value from their investment. Not only do they want an investment property that will enjoy solid capital growth, but also one that is consistently tenanted by people who care for it as if it were their own.

Property investment can at times seem scary and foreboding as investors need to select the property that they will invest in wisely and with the future in mind. However, it is reassuring to know that there are a number of things that can be done to ensure that you do enjoy good value from properties that are rented out.

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Four Things for First Time Property Investors to Know

While it can be daunting and a little scary to start out in property investment, it can also be exciting and hopeful; for many people, property investment is a route to financial security. However, the fact remains that channelling funds into a property in which you do not live can occasionally seem nonsensical.

Experience and history proves that when a person is prepared to invest in property in the long term, rewards can be enjoyed – rewards that usually compensate for the risk.

Having said this, successful property investment doesn’t just happen. There are many pitfalls and problems that first time property investors can run into and end up shelling out a lot of money to cover. First time investors need to think about tax, tenancy issues, property management, interest rates, insurance, repairs, repayments and even renovations. Too much!

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