Should You Make Repairs Before a Property Sale?

Every property owner selling a property wants to achieve the highest price possible. In the course of preparing to put a property on the market, attention will often turn to improvements that can be made to enhance a property’s appeal and likelihood of achieving a better price.

Vendors selling properties in competitive markets, including the market for investment properties in Sydney, often consider and undertake repairs — including large and small scale repairs and renovations — to maximise the profit they can achieve. While this may seem a great way to make extra money, it is important that property owners do not over capitalise, but instead remain focused on the repairs and modifications that yield the largest return.

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Checking Local Infrastructure Before Buying a Property

The imminent purchase of a property can be exciting — so exciting that there is a temptation to ‘throw caution to the wind’, get wrapped up in the possibilities of what lies before you and fail to do all the necessary research to ascertain that the property you are buying represents good value and will allow you to do all that you wish. Sometimes there are reasons why a property is offered at a cheap price, and buyers need to not only be aware but also careful in committing to a purchase.

What are the important details that need to be considered prior to buying a property?

When buying any property, there are a number of factors that are not only relevant for consideration but should influence the ultimate decision you make of whether or not to purchase. These factors include:

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What Does Strata Management Do?

Strata management is incredibly important and becomes very significant to those who own strata-titled properties. While many different types of properties are strata titled, the arrangement seems to particularly apply to those who own investment properties in Sydney and other cities in Australia. A good understanding of the role of strata management is useful and with this comes an understanding of the types of issues that are addressed by the strata manager.

What is strata management?

A specialised area of property management, strata management is sometimes referred to as ‘body corporate management’. Essentially, strata management relates to the everyday operation and management of a property that has multiple owners and is made up of a number of units, shared areas and common facilities. In order for such developments to be successfully managed, a strata title system that offers a framework for ownership and policies for management of properties with multiple owners and users is essential.

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4 Facts About the Safety of Property Investment

Property investment appeals to so many people because it is has long been considered one of the most secure and safe forms of investment. With this in mind, some people blindly launch into the purchase of an investment property without first considering their options, the most relevant and pertinent information available and the likely long term profits to be made on their investment.

While the purchase of one or more investment properties does make sense and helps to create financial security in many cases, it is essential to completely understand what this investment entails and the safety of property investment in the long term.

Here we take a look at four things that should be known about the safety and security of investment properties.Sydney offers some particular opportunities and circumstances which are mentioned below.

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Factors to Consider for Property Investment in Sydney

Because Sydney is a dynamic and thriving global city, it has earned a reputation for being an expensive place in which to buy real estate. However, it is also widely understood that properties in Sydney tend to appreciate in value and over time, represent a sound financial investment.

There are a number of factors that a person should consider when buying an investment property.Sydney real estate brings particular advantages and challenges which are very useful to know when contemplating or being committed to expanding your property portfolio.

Here we take a look at six things that are useful to know when buying an investment property in Sydney:

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How to Discern Between Profitable and Non-profitable Investment Properties

Those who enter the investment property market invariably do so to make some money and enhance their financial position. Essentially, every property investor wants their investments to be as secure and profitable as possible and to know that ultimately, the properties that they invest in will bring positive financial gains.

Despite having the best of intentions, it is a reality that not all property investors enjoy handsome profits and an increase in their financial position. It is essential that careful research and analysis of options be undertaken and that sound property investment advice is sought, prior to making a purchase of an investment property.Sydney and a number of other cities in Australia offer good potential for wealth accumulation through real estate, but it is only when a person is equipped with accurate information and the best and most relevant advice possible that they are able to make a wise choice of investment property.

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3 Benefits of Sound Property Investment Advice

Entering the property market or adding to an existing property portfolio can be a daunting prospect. Not only are investors concerned about the possible returns and the safety of such an investment, they are likely to feel somewhat confused by the processes and competition that almost always accompany the purchase of a quality investment property.

When you are buying an investment property in Sydney (or in any other part of Australia), there really is no substitute for seeking and following sound property investment advice. When you seek such advice, you are best placed to buy an investment property that offers the best financial returns and puts you in a favourable financial position.

Specifically then, what are some of the benefits that can come from sound property investment advice?

1:  Define your goals

While you may generally understand that you are committed to buying an investment property, you may be less clear about your specific goals. These goals can be divided into long, medium and short term goals that produce financial benefits of different types:

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4 Good Reasons to Buy an Investment Property Now

If you are considering the purchase of an investment property, it is worth noting that reduced home prices and interest rates that have remained quite steady for some time, making this an excellent time to invest. It is quite commonly understood that purchasing an investment property in Sydney, or one of Australia’s other booming locations, will yield good returns on your money in the long term and is one of the safest investment possibilities.

While committing to the purchase of any property (be it a property in which you will live or one that you buy for the sole purpose of property investment) is always a financial arrangement that demands ongoing commitment. The purchase of bricks and mortar has always (and continues to be) one of the safest and less risky ways to channel your money.

So, why is it that the time is now ripe for buying an investment property?

1:  Prices are low

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5 Reasons Why People Choose to Invest in Property

Given the erratic and unstable economic times that we have recently had, investors have understandably exercised caution and spent time and effort to determine where their hard earned money is most safe to place and where it will return the greatest dividends. Investing in property is perennially a popular and lucrative investment option and there are many good reasons why so many of us believe that buying property will help us reach our financial goals.

Here we take a look at five of these reasons:

1:  We understand the process

Having been through the process of purchasing their own home, many potential investors realise that an investment property is a sensible next step. The purchase of an investment property in Sydney is often seen as a safe (although sometimes expensive) move, as there is a great demand for rental properties and property prices continually increase.

The process that is involved when buying any type of property can be quite complex, but having done it at least once before, many people feel confident when committing to subsequent property purchases.

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4 Attractive Features of Sydney Residential Investment Properties

If you want to purchase an investment property in Sydney, or anywhere in Australia for that matter, it is necessary to be strategic and well-informed so that you choose an investment property that matches your financial situation, needs and aspirations. When buying investment property, you should consider its location, the type of property, features that will attract tenants and also the history of the property.

1:  A great location

Astute property investors realise that the selection of a property in a sought after location can help to guarantee capital growth. Most often, properties that are located close to the CBD enjoy good capital growth and high rental demand and such a location is eagerly sought after by purchasers of  quality portfolios. Investment property Sydney has available in such locations are often few in number but high in demand and this can cause prices to escalate.

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